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Share Your Money

Share Your Money

Now you can share money with friends & family in more than 160 countries!

The world of finance is changed now according to the amazing Financial Products & Solutions of Alpha Cash Finanz Inc. registered in the State of Florida, USA and also in Toronto - Canada with associated offices in over 27 countries worldwide and over 17 distributers on 5 continents.

There are now simple financial solutions for people that do not have bank accounts and do not need a bank account to share money; however, do have Internet Connection and a Cell Telephone. With the Alpha Cash “Branded Financial Cards” you can now receive and/or share money with family and friends to over 160 countries without restrictions and instantly with the Global TeleNet software, which is free to download from our Web Site.

Alpha Cash has become partners with select and leading banks, processors, software creatures and created the MOBILCASH system to share and transmit money in order to provide a convenient, secure, and cost-effective means of sending money to family and friends abroad.

Each Alpha Cash Financial Card Holder controls his own funds and sends his own funds to a Supplementary Card Holder instantly with the MobilCASH software. There is no longer need to wait for hours to share money. A Card Holder can be in Moscow; his bank in London, England and he can send money to his son who is in South Africa within minutes. His son can then either attend at an ATM immediately or pay for his dinner at a local Bistro or shop.

Alpha Cash is constantly at work to expand our financial solutions products around the world to better humanity and bring financial availability to the far remote corners of the world; such as, Eritrea, Mali, Bangladesh, etc. Please check our Web Site regularly to see our growing list of financial solutions, services and products.

Contact one of our distributers in your jurisdiction and/or country of choice or contact us directly via eMail or by Toll Free Telephone Numbers listed on this site in the CONTACT section.

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CANADA: 416.840.9529

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