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Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

The Proven Professionals 
in Customized Payment Solutions

Implementation made easy

The Alpha Cash Finanz Inc. Card Industry-Leading Field Support Team ensures our customers receive the highest adoption rates possible with our paperless pay program. The team assists with training and implementation of the payment solutions, measuring the success of your payment card program, and help with rolling out a successful paperless program. We help every step of the way.

The more participation you have in your payment card program, the more money your company will save. Our experienced and knowledgeable implementation team will develop a customized plan to ease the transition for your employees. Once this plan is in place, moving forward is a simple and smooth transition.

Our wide variety of implementation tools help build a customized program for your company's goals, size, and culture. Usually a combination of these tools and resources works best to ensure maximum participation in your paperless pay program.

How do you effectively implement a payment card program?

Education and training

  • In-person training. These sessions are the most impactful and achieve the highest results. This is excellent for train-the-trainer sessions for managers and supervisors of the program when it's possible to come together for a detailed training session. It is also ideal when a large number of employees can come together at once for training and educational sessions. This provides plenty of opportunity to share real experiences and solutions in person with a presentation custom-tailored to the unique needs of your company.
  • Webinars. These sessions are a simple solution for any company that has multiple locations. These train-the-trainer and employee training sessions are interactive and educational trainings to keep the participants engaged and informed on how to effectively and efficiently use the payment card.
  • Conference calls. These sessions are excellent train-the-trainer and employee training sessions on how to effectively and efficiently use the payment card system. Without the need for a computer, these sessions can be easily conducted to meet a company's goals.
  • Training materials. Train-the-trainer and employee training materials are customized to ensure in-depth training and promoting efficient usage of the payment card concept. Employee training materials are available in English and Spanish.
  • Refresher Training. Additional training is always available for new employees or as a refresher when there are changes and enhancements to our program.

Marketing Materials

Our exciting and detailed marketing materials are available to assist with promoting your paperless pay initiative. Some materials can be customized with your logo and program details. Exciting materials include: posters, tent cards, paycheck stuffers, flyers, announcement letters, standees, and brochures. Marketing material is available in English and Spanish.

Continued Education

Once your paperless program is implemented, that's only the beginning with the Alpha Cash Card Programs. Companies change, goals change, cultures change, payment card laws change, and new and improved resources are being developed for you and your program.

The Payment Card Advisor

Our quarterly newsletter is the only newsletter dedicated to the payment card industry, to all of our customers. The newsletters contain up-to-date payment card information, enhancements, changes, and exciting news in the payment card field.

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