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How it Works

How it Works

The Alpha Cash Branded Financial Card is a simple and cost effective way to share funds with family and friends regardless of the country in which they are or live.

  • Apply for your Alpha Cash Financial Card using the simple online application process via our Approved Affiliate Distributors.
  • Make sure you select the proper Financial Card for your needs from the various Financial Cards.
  • You can order various Cards and remember that there is a One Time Purchase Cost of the Cards.
  • No Yearly Membership Fee
  • You simply enter the Supplementary Card Option and enter the name you would like printed on the Supplementary Card.
  • You will receive the Alpha Cash Financial Cards in the post, one for you, and also the cards for the persons you want to share money with.
  • Send the Supplementary Card to the persons you want to share money with (do not send the PIN).
  • You will receive the PINs shortly after you receive your cards.
  • Communicate the PIN to the secondary cardholder in a safe and secure manner.
  • Register the mobile phone number of both the primary card and secondary card online.
  • Download the software for the MOBIL CASH from our web site.
  • Load your Primary card through any of our loading options:
    • With cash at your nearest Alpha Cash Financial Outlet
    • Online by Debit or Credit Card
    • By bank transfer
    • By payroll from your employer
    • Find out more about loading your Alpha Cash Branded Financial Card
  • Once funds are loaded to the Alpha Cash Primary Card you can share funds with the Supplementary Card Holders either Online.
  • When funds are transmitted; the Primary Card Holder will be notified that funds have been sent to the Supplementary Card Holder.
  • At the same time the Supplementary Card Holder will receive a message, to advise that they have just received funds.
  • Funds are available immediately for withdrawal from an ATM worldwide, which displays the MasterCard® acceptance symbol.
  • Once funds are loaded onto the Alpha Cash Financial Card; the Card Holder can purchase medicine, dine, go the theatre, buy gift or pay the utilities.
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