• No credit checks or bank accounts required to receive a card.
  • Card is not linked to your bank account – your bank details are secure. Protect your identity online.
  • Share money with friends and family around the world with additional cards.
  • You can only spend what is on the card, enabling better management of your money.
  • Easy to block the card by SMS if the card is lost or stolen.
  • Check your balance online or by SMS.
  • Shop securely with Chip and PIN in-store, online and over the phone at over 28 million merchant locations worldwide that accept the “Branded Financial Cards”.
  • Load money to your card at hundreds of locations as listed on the site.
  • Have your wages paid directly to your card by your employer for FREE!
  • Transfer money from any bank account to your card.
  • Carry Multi Currencies on a Card when you travel abroad and not cash in your pocket.
  • Review your account and transactions with 24/7 secure online access.
  • You will receive your card within 5 working days from the application.