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Advantages of using the Alpha Cash Branded Financial Cards.

Easy to use

The ACF Financial Card is a PrePaid Credit Card that is loadable from anywhere in the world. The Alpha Cash cards operate like any PrePaid Credit Card; however this card is administrated and managed by the Card Holder. Simply load money onto the card online, by phone, at a bank or via SMS. Alpha Cash will give the card holder an excellent exchange rate – guaranteed. Whether on business or holiday, you will save money. You can use your Alpha Cash Financial Card in over 30 million locations worldwide that display the branded acceptance mark.

No hassle

No stress at the airport, for example when you are in a rush. Simply load the Alpha Cash card online, by phone or via SMS and you are ready to go. An Alpha Cash Financial Card is a convenient way to carry money.

Safer than cash

If you lose your cash while you are traveling it can be very stressful and inconvenient, not to mention costly. If you lose your Alpha Cash Financial Card you can immediately block the Card by sending a text message to our unique SMS Card Management Facility (CMF) to insure the card can no longer be used at an ATM or in-store. Then call our Customer Services from our many Toll Free Direct Telephone Numbers around the world and we at Alpha Cash will make sure that your money is safe. We can immediately send a replacement Card, wherever you are in the world. Alpha Cash cards are Chip and PIN protected to keep your money safe.

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

The Card Holder may have concerns about fraudulent cloning or copying of a card while abroad; the Alpha Cash Financial Card could be the secure solution for you. The Card Holder can only lose the current balance of the card rather than the complete balance of the Corporate Card or the Private Card from Alpha Cash.

Alpha Cash has implemented secure and safe anti-fraud software to safe guard all Alpha Cash cards, but if someone obtains your Password or PIN, then a problematic situation can occur. The Card Holders must keep the Password and PINS confidential and secure.

However if you report the card lost and stolen Alpha Cash can immediately block the Card from any further use immediately. The Card Holders’ funds are then secure and safe!

Administrate your money more effectively

If a Card Holder is concerned about their holiday or trip going over budget you can load your daily or weekly budget onto the card stating that you can never spend more than you intended. If you do decide to spend all the funds out of your card; the Alpha Cash card can easily be loaded with more funds at any time by phone, SMS or online from your Corporate Financial Card or Private Card.

Global acceptance

The Alpha Cash Branded Financial Cards can be used in various manners and ways, because of their versatility; such as, a debit or credit card in shops and restaurants or at any ATM bearing the MasterCard Symbol for withdrawing cash. The Alpha Cash Financial Card is a branded card and is accepted at millions of outlets worldwide. No more stress to get local currency or change travelers checks.

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