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Branded Financial Cards

Branded Financial Cards

Innovative leaders Around the World for the Revolutionary & Hi Tech “FINANCIAL CARDS” carrying the MasterCard & VISA Symbol.

Business solutions that deliver low-volume ready-made Financial Card concepts by ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC. (ACF) at reduced cost, more speed and efficiency for the consumer.

Our Financial Card solutions will enable corporations to enter the Loadable Financial Card industry within 30 banking days, without any commitment to card volumes and without the high cost charged by ‘management firms’ who require sponsor banks. Alpha Cash is a “PRINCIPAL DISTRIBUTOR” for North America, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean and we are expanding other countries rapidly; such as, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Eastern Europe, etc.

Ms. Tatiana Nazarova – Chairman of the Alpha Cash Finanz Group with a major background in accounting, auditing and finance, stated that;

"Currently the requirements for most prepaid card programs include an order of at least 10,000 cards and spend in excess of $150,000.00 in program set up fees. With ACF, we can create instead our low-volume “Branded Financial Card” programs on a branded MasterCard and/or VISA with all the Software, Processing, Computers, Hardware and Instruction all within 60 banking days."

This short time to market enables companies to take greater advantage of opportunities in record time. By using ACF, clients are not tied into minimum card orders, which is very common among prepaid providers, because they are not Principal Issuers and generate their income from the benefits of the companies. The more Branded Financial Cards that a corporation generates, the more benefit they will earn.

Finally, ACF assists the companies, corporations, financial institutions and clients that desire to create a card program similar to their larger enterprise competitors’ without being faced with equally large up-front enterprise start-up costs, during enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction in the process.

The Alpha Cash “Branded Financial Card” is issued by major banks who are Principal Issuers in North America, Latin America and Europe which are major and stable financial centers in the world, and have the same functionality, as any MasterCard nd/or VISA prepaid card; however, far less costs, more functionality and more uses of the MasterCard and/or VISA.

Alpha Cash card holders can easily access their funds at over 30 Million ATM Cash Machines and outlets around the world.

Alpha Cash card holders can make purchases globally at more than 28 million locations worldwide, wherever the MasterCard and/or VISA acceptance symbol is displayed, including on the internet.

ACF can create low volume Financial Card orders for business clients while at the same time serving customers directly without any interruption of business to the companies.

According to Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova – who is a very successful business woman in North & South America with many accomplishments in real estate, yachting, financial institutions, and events states that’

"The Alpha Cash Branded Financial Card solutions add an extra and more viable dimension to the existing prepaid card market. We at Alpha Cash expect ACF will facilitate a new alternative for corporations, companies and financial institutions desiring to enter the Prepaid Credit Card commerce, giving them a feasible low-cost, no risk concept to deliver instead the ALPHA CASH Branded Financial Card instead of the common and expensive prepaid cards for their clients.”

Alpha Cash Branded Financial Cards can be loaded using many various methods including direct loading from bank accounts around the world, debit or credit card, online.

Any of the Alpha Cash Financial Cards can be loaded at one of our approved banks directly or at many locations, which also accept cash loads.
The Alpha Cash Branded Financial Card can also be loaded via bank transfer directly to the Custodial & Clearing Bank.

Alpha Cash cardholders who register their mobile phone can conveniently manage their Financial Card via Text messages. The MobilCash functionality, known as MC (Alpha Cash Multi Currency InstantCash), is supplied by Alpha Cash, and provides a number of self service card management functions via SMS. MC enables Alpha Cash Financial Card Holders to initially load their card, review the account, lock and unlock a card, obtain their balance and even share funds with secondary cardholders (Family Financial Card).

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