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HISTORY - The Birth of Alpha Cash Finanz Inc.


ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC is a private Financial Group & Consulting Group in Miami, Florida, Canada and in Republic of Panama with successful shareholders and staff who have demonstrated their financial knowledge and expertise around the world. Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers, Auditors and Administrators from major corporations, banks and financial groups around the world with a solid base for Due Diligence, Compliance and Management form the team at Alpha Cash Finanz Inc.

The Financial Group was established in 1984 to succeed in Canada for a financial group capable of creating Loans, Venture Capital and Capital for the average every day working man or woman on a world wide basis. Not as a competitor to the many credible banks, but rather an enhancement to people unable to obtain credit with the banks and to establish the people with a credit rating.

Organizational restructuring where the organizational structure was comprehensively decentralized and designed to create ALPHA CASH FINANZ (ACF) more customer oriented, more accountable world wide and also with ability to compete in the free market economy to create more capital for ACF through our Affiliated Banks.


  • Operational restructuring where operational policies and procedures were streamlined to make ACF more efficient and customer oriented in its operations.
  • Financial restructuring where ACF was to start operating on sound financial basis and fulfilled conditions and measures of financial soundness mainly as outlined by the Products and Services offered by ACF around the world, Europe, USA, Canada, Panama and now in many Latin America countries (LAC) and Middle East.
  • Human resource management where requirements for human resources were established and manpower downsizing was affected. To have optimum number of employees with respect to customers and Financiera profitability, employees had to be retrenched.
  • Experienced Compliance Officers were retained and also in house accountants, lawyers and a full legal department was established.
  • Measures were taken to ensure that jobs restructuring would stimulate employees to work; be more productive and aim higher.
  • Cultural change where new corporate culture attributes stressing on customer service and ability to compete were introduced to ACF staff.
  • Staff are taught that every person in the World is equal and deserves equal respect and attention.


Shareholding diversification was one of the aspects of ACF financial restructuring. In an unprecedented exercise ACF became the first successful major private Financial Group that offered Pre Paid Credit, Debit and Financial Cards for distribution on a Global basis with Card2Card Money Transfers.

The main Banking Group of ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC. is a reputable International Bank with presence in the USA, Canada, Latin American and worldwide. The authorized share capital of the bank according to USA Federal Banking Regulations by far exceeds the necessary amount and presently; also ACF also has assets exceeding the amount required by placed in Gold Certificates to insure the financial operation is smooth and efficient on a global basis.

ALPHA CASH FINANZ is a Financial Group that cares for its customers and has the capacity to advise its clients. It is a Financial Group committed to responsible development in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Russia and its economy and society by financing only environmentally friendly projects with humanitarian aspects.

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