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Founded on Service

Founded on Service

Our Customer Covenant and Pledge

"We at ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC pledge to serve every customer and client with the highest levels of sincerity, fairness, courtesy, respect and gratitude, delivered with unparalleled responsiveness, expertise, efficiency and accuracy. At Alpha Cash Finanz, we are dedicated to serve each customer with the highest level of sincerity, justice, courtesy, respect and gratitude, delivered with experience, responsibility, efficiency and performance.

We are in the business to create lasting relationships in either, Ecuador, Lebanon or Russia and/or anywhere in the World, and we will treat our customers like we want to be treated. We will offer the finest personal service and products delivered by the caring team members of ALPHA CASH S.A. who take 100% responsibility for meeting the needs of each customer."

According to ALPHA CASH FINANZ – Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova, who is the Deputy Chairman stated that “the Alpha Cash Finanz Pre Paid Credit Cards being distributed by license are an excellent system for all payments from Micro Finance, MediCard, Payroll Advances and Loans and will be available at any branch of the branches, subsidiaries and/or affiliates of ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC. in Latin America, USA, Europe, Middle East or Canada.

Our difference is due to our team. All of us at ALPHA CASH FINANZ work as a team and not as individuals.”

"We believe in operating our Alpha Cash Finanz and leading our team with a servant's attitude. Building one another up and working hard to see the team succeed is what we're about. Our leadership team has over 200 years of legal, accounting and financial expertise experience and we apply this experience to every customer relationship."

"Of course we have financial goals, but our ultimate goal is providing our customers with the most pleasant and secure experience they want and deserve. Apply for the Alpha Cash Finanz Pre Paid Credit Cards or Financial Cards issued by our affiliate banks and experience the true difference of service and security of life.”

Experience the difference at ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC.!

Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova
Deputy Chairman
Alpha Cash Finanz Inc.

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